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The Neri Chaves Clan

Neri Chaves Coat of Arms

Our family is our lifeline.

No matter how many years have gone by, our family stays. Our family keeps us grounded and reminds us of the past and who came before us. At the same time, our family brings us to the future – to hopes that new generations will continue the legacy of those who came before us.

This is the reason why the Neri-Chaves website was created.

This online address is our virtual connection to each other. This will help us discover and rediscover our roots, our relationships, our family.

On this website’s pages are various representations of the Neri-Chaves clan through the years. Photos, videos, stories, articles, and links to other virtual sources that showcase the kinship of the clan are made available for everyone.

Let this virtual address be the Neri-Chaves family’s time machine to the past and bridge to the future.

The Neri-Chaves Clan of Cagayan de Oro

The Neri-Chaves Lineage

Since the genealogy committee is still working on the updated version of the Neri-Chaves Genealogy Book, let us use these excerpts from respected clan elders (who have sadly gone before us) in visualizing and understanding the Neri-Chaves lineage.

“Juan Tapa Neri married Anastacia Chaves sometime in 1829. All of us can trace our common ancestry to this couple.

Farther upward, history has it that the Neri side actually descended from the line of Sultan Sampurna, a Muslim who was baptized as a Christian in 1779 and consequently assumed the name Neri. On the other side, our genealogy committee has been able to trace the roots of the Chaveses to as far as Portugal.”

– from the Neri-Chaves Genealogy Record Book 1993 Edition, by Atty. Nazar U. Chaves

“Once upon a time, many years ago, Cagayan de Oro was called Cagayan de Misamis to distinguish it from Cagayan Province in Northern Luzon. The four most prominent families during that time were the Neris, the Chaveses, the Roas, and the Velezes.

The Neris were landowners, the Chaveses were merchants, the Roas were men of letters, and the Velezes were artists.

They lived in big houses, took an active part in the affairs of their community, and led a good life.”

– from the Neri-Chaves Genealogy Record Book 1993 Edition, by Atty. Pureza Neri-Ramos

Here’s something lifted from the 1985 Neri-Chaves Grand Reunion souvenir program:

The official detailed and updated Neri-Chaves genealogy will be posted on The Neri-Chaves Genealogy page.

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